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      Traditionally, holidays are days that are meant to be spent with your family. Back in the day, businesses would close down for holidays & everyone spent the day gathering and remembering and creating new memories with their loved ones. Nowadays, families are spread out all over the world and family gatherings for the holidays are almost non-existent. So many businesses are now open 6 or 7 days a week and some are even 24 hours a day. They are all about the bottom line, how much money can we bring in today.


      How do you handle holidays in your business?  Are holidays just another day for your business to make money? Do you close for any holidays ?



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          My family comes first. I do have to work around them. Sometimes that means late nights.



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            Back in the day there were way fewer self-employed businesses compared to now and that number is continually rising. The average person back then punched a time clock and got paid vacation time for holidays. They even received bonuses around the holiday season. In self-employment, that is none existent. When your business is closed you loose twice as much income. Having said that, this gave rise to self-employed businesses staying open around the holiday to ensure that there would be no lose. Not to mention the "need" to stay open in order to cater to the general population that does punch that time clock.  


            Unfortunately, being self-employed brings certain circumstances that are beyond ones control. Although my family always comes first, something almost always happens to distract from the holidays. The key is to take care of business temporarily so that the family members don't notice. Vacation can be taken on an off season period. I have celebrated many holidays on an off day. After all, it is just a number on a calendar.