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    The Services Page

    LUCKIEST Guide

      When it comes to website development, you've got the Big 3:  Home, About and Services.


      Most of us spend our time with the Home and About pages. Many service business owners take their Services Page for granted. But your Services Page is a Big.


      The role of your Services Page is to get your prospects isolated and focused. You encourage them to make informed decisions that will be in their best interests.


      Yet all too many times,  I see Services Pages that are bland, mysterious or timid. Often we pull these pages together as an afterthought.


      The truth is: creating your page requires a combination of marketing, branding and promotional copywriting.


      Any additional thoughts??

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          idkllc Adventurer

          I find that simplicity is best.  Time is money for a lot of folks, so getting to the point of options and/or services and saving the gritty details for the FAQ page is another way of pulling in those more detailed customers.

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            inmotionhosting Adventurer

            The Services page on your website is so important that your website is virtually useless without it. Having to call the company and ask if the work you need done is something they do wastes the potential client/customers time. The following article has good information on this.


            SBI! - Service Sellers


            You will want to include all the features you can for your service like:

            1. Hourly/Work rates

            2. The Type of work you do

            3. The type of work you don't do

            4. The supported Geo location/areas your service is rendered in

            5. A form that people can request quotes of your service


            Of course there are many other factors; these are a few ideas. Below is a link to an example service page with service page ideas.


            Selling Strategy for Services: Find Small Business Sales Leads



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              Moderator Berta Guide

              Great post Lucky. I agree, your Services Page needs to list your services. It's a great thing to have for your potential customers.


              InMotion thanks for a great article link and for the example page.



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                  LUCKIEST Guide


                  §  Many of us hate to write about ourselves and we especially avoid anything that resembles boasting. Your Services Page means you put yourself out there and say, "Here's what I do," clearly and confidently.

                  §  Often we create a set of offerings when we're newbies, and then keep adding and removing as we learn more about the market. Organizing the services into categories seems daunting.

                  §  As business owners, we focus on the delivery side: what to offer, how much to charge, and how to deliver. Clients need to get a sense of deliverables, but they need to associate benefits with each offer. Translating from "what" to "why" calls for a mindset shift, and often we're too close to our own offerings to figure out how to do this.

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                  seoservicepro Ranger

                  All of the suggestions are great, especially "say, "Here's what I do," clearly and confidently." and "I find that simplicity is best." and "creating your page requires a combination of marketing, branding and promotion"


                  Splitting it up with a page for each service and a way to skip the services page is another approach. It has to do with the "flow" of the sale.


                  Someone types "blog installation service" into Google. You may sell a ton of other services, but they are looking for a specific service. A page that only offers that service is more likely to be the search result. If you're doing PPC, you have a campaign set up just for that service and the ads that appear specifically offer that service. They are more likely to click that ad than one that is generic about all of your services. The ad leads them directly to the page offering only that service.


                  If that is all they want, they don't need to scroll through everything else you do. Give them exactly what they want. If the form or Phone Number is also in that page, there are no more clicks.


                  The straightest line from the point where they type in a search phrase to the close of the sale or to generate the lead is the object.


                  On the home page, you can have content that links directly to the specific service page they might be interested in.


                  If the user types a phrase into Google, then goes to a general services page or the home page, it causes them to have to once again find what they were looking for in the first place. That causes extra clicks, extra decisions the visitor has to make.


                  The more times they have to click, the more potential leads you lose.