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    How do you feel about a family-owned business?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      You may be for it or not.  You may be part of a family-owned business at the moment.  Or you may wrapping up your wounds from a family-owned business run amuk (or amok, your choice). Steve Strauss presents some rules of the road for those who are considering a family-owned business or those who may already in this situation and experiencing some 'issues'.  In his article: 7 Rules for Running a Family-Owned Business, his 7 rules are clearly spelled out.


      I think his statement: "Family businesses can be great things, as long as there is a backbone of respect, is the focus that those who are considering this should post on their office walls.  The words come off our lips so easily but they are often very difficult to model on a daily basis.


      After reading this interesting article, we would like to know your feelings:

      -would you consider a family-owned business?  why or why not?

      -are you already a part of a family-owned business?  how is it going?

      -have you been part of a family-owned business and got out, promising never to do that again?  what did you learn from that experience?


      Let us hear from you all.