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    How to approach Companies to sponsor our effort

    wawyoud Wayfarer

      I am hosting an Online Radio show "Entrepreneurship/Education" toward youth in Africa to help bring them some pragmatic solutions for an efficient fight against poverty. In that perspective, we would like to approach Companies to help us enhance our ideas with support for a practical approach of this subject. How can we address that approach? And what would a package be like if needed? We are practically listened by most of the West african youth, a region rich of natural resources and agricultural potential.

      Thank you

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Good luck, Woodyawoody in your endeavors with this project.  Please keep us updated on your progress - we will be watching for further posts from you.



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            sss@boa Adventurer

            Hello Woody


            Good luck on your effort to promote the Education amongst youngsters in Africa.

            My suggestion would be - do a thorough study on how similar programs were conducted around the world.


            You should be very clear with your "Problem Statement" - ie

            1. what is the pain area you are trying to address ?

            2. what are the boundaries of the program - Cities, States, Age Groups, Gender, etc

            3. Time frames - duration, start and end time of the program

            4. Frequency

            5. Measurement - Program Effectiveness


            Your Goal Statement:

            1. Specify clearly on what you want to improve with definitive numbers :

            Like : The current illiteracy rate within the youngsters within the age group of 12 to 18  in City, Town, State, of Africa is 75%. Due to the illiteracy the youngsters are unable to find a decent job and getting into violence, drugs etc By running this program, we would like to transform the illiteracy level to less than 50%


            2. Tell the benefits of the program


            3. Mention how the funds will be used and show transparency in it.


            If you do the homework and keep the basics right, you will get the required attention from sponsors.

            Most of the time people who go for sponsorship do not do the homework on what they want to address...


            If you can make the sponsors understand your goal statement and the benefits it would bring in to the community.. thats it...


            Hope this helps..


            Best Regards

            Suganthi Aravinda