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    How to set-up 'Long distance' telephone calls business

    HarryMo Adventurer

      Please I need help on how to Start a long
      distance telephone calls business to anywhere in the World from United States
      but particularly to Africa. 


      1. Create an account and buy credit using any major credit/debit card or Paypal.

      2. Dial the access number for the customer's area from any phone (home or cell phone)

      3. Enter the destination number the customer want to call in the following format: Country code + destination number


      My questions are:

      1. 1. What are the equipments required to set up
        this business?
      2. 2. I know I need a Telecom expert, but
        internet searches in my local area has not yield any good results?
      3. 3. Do I require the VOIP technology, if so
        how do I acquire it?
      4. 4. Do I need a provider like AT&T or
        there is another way?
      5. 5. Please every contribution will be greatly








        • Re: How to set-up 'Long distance' telephone calls business
          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hello HarryMo,


          When you state that you'd like to start up your own long-distance telephone call service, are you more interested in a "per-call" service, or a "pre-paid" service?  The difference between the two can help us, or one of our members, answer your questions more fully,. 


          In order to secure funding for your start-up you will need a good business plan.  You're correct that the best way to help craft that business plan would be to secure the advice of a good telecommunications expert.  You state that you have not been able to find one locally, but do not provide your locality.  Have you inquired with local universities?   Additionally, do not limit yourself to just local experts.  You might be able to find a consultant online as well.


          Once you have a business plan and funding all set, you will need to chose the right software.,  You can create a client software solution or you can utilize some of the existing programs available. Finally, you will most likely need to select af network carrier where you can buy airtime calls in bulk, as bulk rates will definitely be cheaper than pay-per-call rates.


          I hope you have found some of this information helpful.  Once you clarify a bit, I'm sure that some of our helpful members here will be able to provide more specific direction to you.


          Good luck!