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    Please Help! Long distance telephone calls business

    HarryMo Adventurer

      Please I need help on how to Start a long
      distance telephone calls business to anywhere in the World from United States
      but particularly to Africa. 


      1. Create an account and buy credit using any major credit/debit card or Paypal.

      2. Dial the access number for the customer's
      area from any phone (home or cell phone)


      3. Enter the destination number the customer
      want to call in the following format: Country code + destination number


      My questions are:


      1. 1. What are the equipment required to set up
        this business?
      2. 2. I know I need a Telecom expert, but
        internet searches in my local area has not yield any good results?
      3. 3. Do I require the VOIP technology, if so
        how do I acquire it?
      4. 4. Do I need a provider like AT&T or
        there is another way?
      5. 5. Please every contribution will be greatly