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    Summertime and the Living is .......

    Moderator Cath Guide

      .....easy?  Maybe but maybe not.  Some businesses slow down in the warm summer months - not all but some.  If that looks like your business, what do you and your staff do, during these months?  Vacation?  Possibly, but why else do you all do?  Robert Lerose has a very interesting article: Sun, Fun, and Sales: Getting the most out of summer marketing strategies.  He observes that the summer months are times for renewal and rejuvenation (his word).


      You still have to pay employees for doing something.  Bills continue to arrive.  So what to do?  Why not examine your customer relationships?  Consider the potential customers you may get and and think about some marketing ideas?


      So why not read his article and see what Robert suggests for those days/months.  He suggests: "Instead of slacking off on marketing your products or services, summer can be a turning point in the life of your business."  Sound good?  Read the article and see if you pick up some tips that you may not have tried lately.


      Use these months to their fullest.


      We would enjoy hearing from you......tell us how you and your business spend the warm summer months.



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          phanio Pioneer

          You should never have a slow period in your business.  If your current customers are not buying from you - then, during that time find new customers or offer new products or services that target those customers that are buying during this period. There is always new ways to get customers to buy - you should never have a slow period.

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              Hi Phanio,


              While I do agree with you to a curtain extent, there are seasonal businesses. Obviously, you can not shovel snow in the summer. I know of many businesses whom actually offer a totally different service in the off season (like tree removal when it's not snowing). Unfortunately, I also see many people who do have seasonal work and do not use this business idea of offering something different in the off season and wind up working extremely hard during the on season and then stock pile that income to try and last the rest of the year.  With some, that works. But all too frequently I see them fold and wind up getting into another position which happens to be year round.