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    Ever Considered a Partner in Your Business?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Found someone interested in being a partner with you in your business?  But wondering if it would be good for your business AND you?  Steve Strauss says: " have to be very careful when creating a partnership.  It is the business equivalent to getting married, you have to be very careful to pick out the right partner."  Notice he says 'PICK out the right partner'.  You are the person who is making the decision for whatever reason and you pick the person!


      In his article: Five Ground Rules for Successful Partnerships Steve lists 5 basic rules that he thinks are most important in the process.  For anyone who might be considering this new business arrangement, his rules can be quite valuable.  Not to that point yet?  Read the article anyway.  There is some well thought-out information in the article.


      I am reminded of the silly saying we had in our earlier years: be there or be square.  And now maybe is a good time to dust it off and internalize it.  Be forewarned of some of the issues that may come up when and if the time comes that you are looking for a partner.


      Have you had a partnership that didn't work out?  We would be interested in hearing why.  And even more interested to read what you learned from the experience.


      Thanks Steve, for another timely article.