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    Open private shop Boba tea .

    olla Wayfarer

      Hello everyone,

      I have directly question for Icetzou or anyone who can help me. I am guessing is a owner you supposed to know how to do drinks with boba or any drinks on your shop menu, how do you know about this ? Do you go work for somebody or some schools provide education how to do drinks or smoothies? I know it maybe little occur question, but it hard for me to figure out. I am currently leave in Las Vegas,  would love to open little shop in Florida because it not a lot computation over there yet. I never have experience about  drinks only about  my own coffee If anybody can give me any advise about I will kindly appreciated.

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Olla,


          I believe that, as a business owner, you should have knowledge of your business and the services it provides. If you don't know how to make the drinks that are going to be on your menu, I would suggest working/interning in a Boba tea shop to learn them. If something happened at your shop one day where you were the only one there, you would need to know how to make the drinks so that you don't loose that days business. Maybe you can intern at a Tea shop or get private lessons from someone who knows how to make the different teas. Hope this helps a little.



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            phanio Pioneer

            As stated, not only will working for another company help you better understand the business you want to open but you can really see if that business is something that you want to work on for a very long time - to see if you have passion. Running a small business is so much more then just making drinks - you have to know and understand (as well as execute) marketing, accounting, financing, human resources, licenses, permits, etc, etc, etc. And, unlike normal jobs where you work 9 to 5 - running your own business means working 12 to 15 hours a day - seven days a week for at least a couple of years.

            Best Of Luck.


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                olla Wayfarer


                I really appreciated for really smart advice from you. I am running one business on my own, private company, as well as I used to worked for the  big corporate company. I do know what is business mean. All I wanted to know maybe somebody offer private license how to do Thai tea, it is very hard to lean from internet. Anyway, again thank you so much for your advice. I just want to  waring , before you want to give anybody advice  you should read  more careful what person really  ask in their questions.


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                icetzou Scout

                Hey sorry I didn't see this until now. The answer is actually quite simple:


                Your wholesaler. You don't have to work at another boba shop before starting your own. I didn't. Look for a wholesaler/ franchisor in your area such as lollicup or tapioca express or there are many smaller wholesalers of boba supplies from Asia. And most of them all offer training and a set of menus already that you can play around with or ask people around you to see which ones are more popular. After you open, you'll find some drinks are going to be more than other and may have to constantly work with your wholesaler to improve and bring new drinks to your customers.


                For any additional information, you can email me:





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                    mizzylolipop09 Wayfarer

                    Hi Icetzou,

                    how do I start the business of boba?? Do you have any wholesaler website or links that I could start training to know boba? I really want to open a boba place as Olla too.. I really want to know how much it cost for the place and how do we start or the product?? How could we make the signature drinks for the start?? Could anyone please help us out??

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                        Great to see this thread come back to life!  Here's looking forward to having your questions answered , mizzylolipop09.

                        Have you run your own business before?  What kind was it? Did you enjoy being your own boss?  Let us know!



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                          icetzou Scout

                          Where are you planning on setting up shop? If it's So Cal, try starting with lollicup:

                          OFFICIAL LOLLICUP® Coffee & Tea Website - Add a bit of fun, Mix a little flavor! : CONTACT US

                          We started with them, They also provide training on how to use their supplies and they deliver weekly. The downside is that... their powers and syrups taste about 20 year behind. Honestly, when we had a less Asian customer demographics, it was ok. But as our other locations opened up in Asian populated areas, we had to re-do the whole menu. and we now get our supplies from multiple wholesalers. What do you mean by signature drink? You just have to play around with it a lot, by mixing different powers, syrups, fruits, etc.  If you want it to be "signature" then it shouldn't be something that someone taught you.


                          Your start up cost all depends the size the place, decor, location. and many other things. But if you really want to squeeze a number out of me, I'd say between 100K to 150K. You might be able to get away with less if you find a boba shop that recently closed its doors and go in with only minor aesthetics remodeling.


                          I hope this helps. On a separate note, I have been getting a lot of emails recently from people that are interested in opening a boba shop, which is great and I love to help as many people as I could. However, please, PLEASE, do your own research before emailing me. There is no magic formula or a 12-step program for starting your own business. Please call some wholesalers, call some landlords, even go sit at other boba shop and count how many cups they sell in a few hours. Also, I cannot share my recipes and we do not franchise at this moment. I think I have given some pretty detailed answers on either this thread or any other older threads if you just search for "boba". So please read those first. If you still have questions, please make them as detailed as possible, and I'd love to answer them.



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                              mizzylolipop09 Wayfarer

                              Icetzou: Thanks for all your advices.. I will be looking more into it.

                              Moderate_Jolek: I had ran a business before as manager of nails shop for my cousin but I didn't have my own. So I was thinking of open my own shop as tea or boba lounge. I've been going around to local Boba shops of my place to watch and see how much they had sell out. But I didn't even thought a boba shop would cost a lot where I live to open one. Right now, I only have 10-15k ao I don't know if I could open a small boba to run or not.. Could some one give me more advice?? Thanks


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                          crifjohnson Tracker


                          First of all get the working way of Boba tea shop, Find out your way by meeting the customer around. Make your own business plan and implement.