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    Are people just lazy? Or are they willing to work?

    bumblebeeworks Newbie

      After running businesses my whole life I understand first hand that owning a business means 24 hours days 7 days a week.


      As a small business owner I accept that and on most days, I enjoy it.


      But I have an affiliate program that pays 60% of my gross for referring new customers to my website hosting business


      We have thousands of people signing up with the allure that placing 1 ad can generate many sales and at $150 each, that adds up very fast.


      But as business owners, we all know it is not that easy. If it was, we would all be working 2 hours a week and living on the beach.


      I know people are drawn in by the promise of making millions without working for it. So much so, that they will even pay these scammers for a chance to make money without working.


      In our program we get thousands of people signing up each month. We spend time answering the phone, explaining the program and dealing with piles of paperwork being submitted.


      But the people that sign up do nothing. So I never make money and it costs me dearly.


      Then they will call me and ask to have their account closed 24 hours after they set it up. Yes, 1 day after they sign up for a free program to refer sales, they are quitting.


      They did not even do anything. Really, nothing.


      It is not like we charge them or ask for anything. They have no reason to close the account because they could at any time send us a customer and make money. So once you set it up, just mention our website hosting and earn $150 now and then, right?


      But these people are so lazy they don't even want the possibility in their tool box that they could tell a friend anytime and earn cash.


      Still, people sign up by the truckload and we deal with all of these people and get nothing in return.


      I don't think they understand how hard it is to earn $150 or how big 60% of the gross is for us. If they can't make $1000 a minute, they look for something else.


      I have resorted to screaming and yelling that if they are lazy don't bother signing up.


      I am hoping my latest video scares off the get rich quick people and leaves me with quality sales people I can work with.


      It really is extreme and abusive. If you want to take a look it is on the home page of Don't watch it if you are easily offended.


      So my question to other business owners is what problems do you encounter with lazy employees or contractors and how do you deal with it?


      Or am I completely wrong and people are willing to work hard and I am just getting the few thousand that are lazy?

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi bumblebeeworks,


          I think some people are easily excited and the decide they've been scammed by easy ways to make money. Many of our young people today feel a sense of entitlement. They feel that they should be handed everything on a silver platter, get something for nothing. Like we, the rest of the world, owe it to them for them being here. They've not had to work for what they have. As parents, in our quest to make our children's lives better than what we experienced, we've given them things we never had without having them earn the right to have what we're giving them. A new video game system comes out & our kids say, oooo, I want that. So we get it for them. sometimes as a gift and other times for no apparent reason at all other than to show them that we love them.


          I'm sorry that it's causing problems for your business. I'm not very skeptical that it will get any better. Until our young people realize that we all have to work for what we have and that once they've gotten out of school, no one is going to just give them money, housing, food and other items for doing nothing, we're all going to continue to struggle with laziness from them.