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    Are you looking for summer staff?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Do you remember when you were in college and needed a summer job?  How many of you all took whatever fell into your lap without looking around to see what was available and what could be a good experience for you?


      Susan Caminti has hit the nail on the head with: How Interns Can Benefit Your Small Business..  I enjoyed her comment: "...hiring an intern enables you to influence the next generation of professionals that will soon be out in the workforce -- and gives you valuable insights from young, enthusiastic men and women who are interested in your industry."  Have you ever thought of an intern in that way?  You can be a very important part of leadership and mentor-ship for a young man or woman!


      They, very well, may bring a fresh breath of air into your business but you need to prepare first.


      After reading her delightful article, let us know what plans you have for an intern - summer or any other time of the year.  Add your suggestions to her list.