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    How do you choose an accountant?

    LessAccounting - Allan Branch Adventurer

      Hi there!


      First time in this site, we're often asked "How do I know I've picked the right accountant?" So we'd love to know, how do you interview potential accountants. How do you know when it's "working out" and when it's not "working out"?


      Thanks so much


      Allan Branch

      cofounder of LessAccounting

        • Re: How do you choose an accountant?
          Moderator Cath Guide

          Welcome, Allan, and thank you for your question.  We have some great experts here who will see it and give you some good advice.


          I'm just here to welcome you to our community and invite you to jump in on any discussions.  We all have something to share that will benefit another small business owner.


          Now, having said that, who is going to be the first with some tips for picking the right accountant?