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    hello Friends

    lisa13us Adventurer

      What is Best idea promoting  a business? Please share your views with me.

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Lisa,


          Welcome to the community. There are lots of great ways to promote your business. It may help our members to better respond if you could tell us a little more about your business. Do you know your target demographic market?



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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Welcome Lisa, Your bio says " Financial Services"

            Tell us more. Is this your business??

            How long have you been in business??

            Do you have a business plan to promote your business??

            The more you share, the better we can help you succeed.


            Good luck, LUCKIEST

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              joya Adventurer

              Hello lisa,

              Tell us what type of your business, its easy to tell you. And Join Social media sites ...

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                Jim Peters Tracker

                Hello Lisa and hi to everyone how are you all well I am also new to this place and I am really feeling awesome to be here a good one truly well I am basically dealing with finance and really the best way to promote a finance site is to tell people how to save and invest correctly to get maximum profit from their money making them trust your business and taking them in a great deal of confidence.

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                    koln123 Tracker

                    What the best way to promote a business is may be open to a lot of debate, especially depending upon the type of business.  Some time tested ways that should remain the same include providing the most competent, fastest service you can push yourself and your business to provide. 


                    Customers very much notice competency, skill and service.  Followup and following through with clients is important.  Asking for referrals from those customers is helpful.   Having a portfolio of references can be a great asset.   Years ago we had a company offer to redo our wooden deck staining.   They showed us a book of their clients with pictures of finished work, before and after.  That was very effective.   There are many tools.  However, having a very satisfied customer who will come back to you, who willingly promotes you to their friends, along with using them as a referral can all together be very effective.  SBLD

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                      Moderator Berta Guide

                      Hi Jim,


                      We're glad you've found the community & are enjoying it so far. Thanks for telling us a little about your business and sharing your thoughts.


                      Please browse the discussion boards and articles and jump into discussions where you are comfortable responding. If you have any questions that the community can help you with, post those as well.



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                        seoservicepro Ranger

                        Hi Jim. As koln123 said, there are a lot of things involved in marketing an online business.


                        1. You need a website that is built to close sales. Before you spend money on marketing outside of your website, make sure you've created a "flow" that generates leads and closes sales. You can test it with PPC once you believe you've done that and improve it based on user experience. offers the chance to even view video of your visitors using your website. Not the actual user, but the video follows them through your website and shows you what they read, what they click on and even if they have trouble with your forms.


                        Once the testing is done and you think the site will convert sales, you're ready to move on.


                        2. You need to add a squeeze page/landing page combo to your site for each product or at least each category of products. You create a free download. Something your target audience would be interested in like an eBook, a White Paper, an Info-Graphic, a Video, etc. They can download or view that content if they give you their name and email address on the squeeze page. The download page attempts to close the sale. Conversion rates are generally good since the user wouldn't have asked for the free download if they weren't already somewhat interested.


                        3. Add a blog using WordPress. Make original blog posts about things your target audience will be interested in. Add Feedburner so people can subscribe by email. More leads there. Add links to your squeeze pages. More leads there.


                        4. Set up your social media profiles and biz pages. Make them attractive. Take the time to make them interesting. Engage with others. Show an interest in what they have to offer. Don't just do the "Hey Look AT Me!", "Look What I'm Selling!" approach that so many people use. Be real. Develop real relationships. Be Helpful. Post things your target audience will be interested in, besides your own stuff.


                        For Financial Services, I'd recommend LinkedIn number 1, then Twitter, FaceBook and Google+. Use Pinterest only if you really are going to make graphics and videos to share.


                        All content you generate has to be high quality. It has to teach them something, help them find something or do something, entertain them or tell them a story for the best results. Factual content just describing the facts about financial products appeals to your audience as well.


                        In addition to that, you need to vary the types of content you provide. Just writing your blog isn't enough. You need to add video, animations, PDF docs, Illustrations, Info-graphics and more. People have short attention spans. Mix it up and get them interested. I hope this is okay, I made an info-graphic about the content and social media that might help you here. Better Blogging and Social Media Inforgraphic


                        See how it works. I just did what I suggested in the post. Hopefully provided you with helpful information and offered you decent content to back it up. Do that and generate leads.

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                        Jennifer Adventurer

                        Do you prefer Facebook account to promote your own business? There are many people using Facebook because as its very easy to use and easy to access. This website is considered as the best social media site that is open for all people


                        1. Focus on the Call to Action
                        2. Use the iFrames
                        3. Be interactive
                        4. Draw other people's attention
                        5. Keep your good image
                        6. Display your ads properly (fb_ADs, Googl_ADs)
                        7. Select demographic
                        8. Add some relevant images
                        9. Run Exclusive offers
                        10. Press Release
                        11. Create shareable content



                        Accounts Receivable Financing  & Factoring

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                            Great comprehensive list , Jennifer. Spoken from a true entrepreneurial perspective.

                            But don't forget the human aspect of all social media. Your results may vary depending on the community. Don't you agree?



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                                Jennifer Adventurer

                                Hi Joleen,


                                Thanks a lot for your kind words, I do agree with your opinion. Social media has become an integral part of our lives. That is why they sometime affect buying decisions. Yes, the result will be different for a particular product for a community but never forget you are actually creating future demands as they know you have something to offer that meets their requirements.