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      Hello everyone,


      I was told by Moderator Berta to start a discussion and share a little about myself and my project, and I will! I'm not sure how many non-profit organizations are found on this Small Business community, but I am happy to be here.


      I am the founder and director of a non-profit organization called Visiting the Lonely Ones, which is a project dedicated to bringing cheer into the lives of nursing and convalescent home residents. The sad and sobering statistic says that over 85% of such residents have no real outside contacts - no phone call inquiries into their day, no visits from family or friends, nothing. They are incredibly lonely in their isolation, and it boggles my mind how we've let this happen.


      These are the men and women who built the country we now live in - our mothers and fathers, teachers and mentors and supporters, and this is how we honor them in their last years upon this earth? By placing them into a facility and promptly forgetting about them? It's completely unacceptable!


      We have a large volunteer base centered in the Inland Empire in California, and we are hoping to see our program and others like it all over the U.S. We never visit empty-handed, either - another facet of our program is making handmade cards in pleasant social settings at libraries and community centers, with people of all ages. This is a great after school program for creative minds!


      A little about myself is due as well, I think. My name is Susan Zador and I am a mother of four living in Southern California. I've been involved in nursing and home health care my whole life, and I am the mother of four children, three of whom were born in Hungary, and my youngest in California. I made the U.S. my home back in 1984.


      I am pleased to be a part of this community and I hope to hear from some of you with similar interests and non-profit experiences!

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Susan, thanks for taking the time to tell us about yourself & your not-for-profit agency.


          I think it is a wonderful thing that you are doing. I've worked as a CNA in nursing homes & assisted living facilities for many years myself and know first hand that the majority of the residents are lonely, just as you said.


          We're glad you're here and if we can be of any help, please feel free to ask away.



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            lisa13us Adventurer

            HI Friends

            I am Lisa Lee, I am also a new user here. How should I start discussion on this discussion board? Please share your views with me.


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                Hi Lisa13us


                Welcome to the forum!


                It is a good idea to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you and your business. You will find that many of our members post up questions and problems that they have encountered along the way. We have many wonderful members who take the time to share their thoughts and experiences to help each other out. We also have several articles that give valuable information on many different business topics. Please peruse the site and feel free to tell us your thoughts. We look forward to reading your experiences.



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                sss@boa Adventurer

                Hello Susan


                I read your comments and appreciate from the bottom of my heart on the service you are doing.

                I own a technology company and  we are into creating innovative mobile application solutions in Apple and Android.


                We do charity to Non Profit Organizations  and in your case I see that you are providing a noble service to the human community, who happen to be our founders as well.


                If you prefer - I would like to offer to create a mobile application for Apple and Android Smart Phones to your organization free of cost and you can take the message to the world with millions of Smart Phone Users.


                Please get in touch with me if you would be interested.


                Best Regards

                Suganthi Aravinda