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    Cartooning to promote business?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Now admit it, when you see a cartoon you stop and look at it, right?  And those cartoons stick in your mind, don't they?  Well then why shouldn't you consider using effective cartoons as part of your marketing approach?  Check out the article, written by Robert Lerose where he shares his conversation with Stu Heinecke: Q&A: Stu Heinecke On The Breakthrough Power of Cartoons


      In our high tech world, taking a few minutes to check out a simple looking cartoon could point your customers to your latest product or service with few words or hype.  AND that little cartoon will stay with them, too.  Stu reports: "Readership surveys have shown that cartoons are almost always the best read and best remembered part of magazines and newspapers."  So why not put it to use in your business?


      How do you think you might use cartoons in your business?  Would you give it a try?  Let us know your customers' response to your cartoons.