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    Looking for some type of direction

    orbital config Tracker

      I am looking for some type of software or some how to release some pressure for me and my employees. I take care of the marketing for a small franchise company selling insurance and the employees and I are getting kinda frustrated on there customers/sales. In a nut shell - for example - one employee is doing all the work on his lead, doing all the right things to get the sale to close, then the customer calls up for the closing of the insurance protection but then another employee is taking the sale, just because we want it closed as fast as we can. It's not that he is steeling one another sales, that employee may not be working that day or at another meeting I sent him to, etc. I'm looking for something to track that, if one employee walked the walk he deserves to get the credit, and visa/versa so they need something to keep track of who's customers are who's customers. Is there anything out there I can use? Anybody ever run into this before?

      Thanks, any suggestions would help, or even a web link to check out would be great.

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Orbital config,


          I'm sure there is something out there that can help you. In another discussion, the community talked about Time Trackers, that kept track of what each employee worked on & their time. Maybe this is something that will help you.


          I'm sure our members will have some suggestions on how to help you keep track of who is working on what project/customer.



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              orbital config Tracker

              Hi Berta, Thanks yes I got 2, but they were deleted (the responses) in the process of waiting for a response as to why though. I come back to this site, it was lost in the mix, lol. There is good, I should say great, information here. I spent most of the morning searching so far (other sites also), it's looking like it will flip around, and it will be a matter of what one is best for me. Thanks

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              zCloudCommerce Wayfarer

              You can probably take help from consulting guidance and assistance to tie those tools together without a lot of customization, consolidate tools that should talk with one another but don't and leverage an integrated infrastructure to create cloud products that give you a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.