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    Burn Your Receipts!

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      The species of American known as the "frequent flier" has honed nearly every part of the travel experience down to its most efficient core. These Up in the Air-types have perfectly choreographed airport-security rituals that let them zip by the TSA and have VIP car-rental accounts that let them pick up a ride as soon as they land. For any city you choose, they can tell you exactly which airports, airlines, and hotels are most amenable to business trips. Yet for all their travel-savvy, there is one part of life on the go that these folks haven't managed to solve. Yes, I'm talking about expense reports.

      Expense reporting seems like the last bastion of the American economy that hasn't yielded to the information age. Every month, businesspersons at pretty much every company in America spend hours tracking down everything they've spent on meals and travel and then filling out reams of forms to get reimbursed. Most companies still ask you to save and present paper receipts for your purchases. Some of them demand even more proof. For a university-sponsored trip I took last year, I had to send in actual boarding passes to prove that I did in fact show up at the airport. (I won't be surprised if I'm one day asked to save the airplane bag of peanuts, too.) Worse, every firm seems to have its own bespoke accounting process, with unique forms, spending categories, department codes, and other niggling things to remember every time you want to get your money back.

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          Welcome meredithb, we are pleased you chose to become a part of our community.Your company seems to have a unique niche in the business community.  Please feel free to ask questions, post suggestions/advice, and take part in the discussions that interest you.  Be sure to let us know how your approach is impacting the expense-reporting world.  Again welcome.