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    Wholesaler for ecommerce

    By Chance Newbie
      Wholesale is a word that is seriously misused. I have started a ecommerce selling video games and systems and I am looking for a "wholesaler" to dropship for my business.
      Anyone have any ideas!!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          By Chance, Welcome to this web site. Interesting combo
          Interior Decorating specializing in custom window fashions and bedding
          I have just started a ecommerce selling Video Games and
          GMK Designs dba Gear 4 gamers.
          Have you tried Gooogle??
          Do you have a Business and marketing Plan??
          Do you know about SCORE.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            sbcfulfill Wayfarer
            Dropshipping would be your lowest capital intensive option. However, you will sacrifice profit margin. My recommendation would be to get your site started using a drop shipper and then move towards buying your own invtnory as your sales grow. Once you have a track record of sales you will be able to better forecast inventory for purchase. This will allow you to increase your profit margins, bt it will reqir you to have capital tied up in inventory. I would also recommend you look int using a third party fulfillment service like the one we provide at SBC Fulfillment. SBC Fulfillment is a third party order fulfillment service that will allow you to keep you capital costs low as you ramp up your business. Check us out at