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    4 Valuable Tips from Mompreneurs

    Moderator Cath Guide

      And of course from Steve Strauss!  Mompreneurs - new word to me but we all know what it means, don't we?  Many of us have the visual of a momprenuer - mom at home, taking care of her and cooking ........with a little hobby, trying to make a few dollars.  Right?  WRONG!  These days mompreneurs are very resourceful women who have started a small business from their home - spent a lot of time and thought  into the creation - and that business has turned into a very successful business that isn't so small anymore.  And her children?  And her housework?  All that has gone into her preparation.


      Read Steve's article, Here’s to You, Mompreneurs and see the 4 common threads that he has gleaned from some very smart mompreneurs.  And while you are reading, note if you can learn anything from them.


      One very striking feature is lifted out for us: "The whole idea of being a mompreneur is to balance your life better."  Sound familiar?  Sound like something you struggle with to?  Let us know what you have learned from this article.  And thanks, once again, Steve.



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          pandoraj Adventurer

          I have been mompreneur for a long time but, never knew I was until I read Steve's I would sell my girls old clothes that have out grown on ebay for many years. However, the "profits" were not that grand and it would be enough to afford more clothes for my growing girls. I would also sell techno items, craft items, school books, college books, and so forth so that all of us would have extra cash for up and coming school year. So, in a way I was a thrift store before I knew I was a thrift But, now I am ready and my girls are ready to go further with this thrift store idea.

          Another added bonus to being a mompreneur is if you have children old enough to work, they can work with you as long as you comply with your states child lobar laws. My oldest is 13 and she can work up to 3 hours after school, however, not before 7am and not after 7pm. She can also work on the weekends but, not over 4 hours a day and again, not before 7am and not after 7pm. My youngest will be at the store "visiting" but, I know she will want to join the "fun" with

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              Hi Pandoraj,


              Funny you mentioned the selling of the clothes and toys. I too was the mompreneur and didnt know it. I loved my garage sales. The kids got a huge kick out of selling their own stuff and taking their money and buying better things that they wanted. They even set up a lemonade stand to make more money.


              I loved garage sales so much that I took the idea to the internet. Of course (starting it right from the very beginning as Steve mentions in his article) I wanted to patent my virtual garage sale site. It was a couple of months when I got the very disappointing news that someone had already placed a patent for the very same idea.    It was fun while it lasted.

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              transcribe Scout

              Like your post. Today's moms are very dynamic and resourceful. They have the knowledge and aspiration to go high. While many obstacles create real challenges for women entrepreneurs, they can not prevent women from achieving business success.