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    What is the best customer support software?

    SophiaGreen Adventurer

      I am running a small business online now and i really do not want to do too much job one customer service. Can i use a customer support software? What is the best customer support online? How can i use it? Please help! I saw a free customer support software online last night, it is called iKode Helpdesk X, I want to buy it but i am not sure whether it works? Here is the website:, please give me some useful advise. Thank you very much!

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          Hi SophiaGreen,


          Great question. I am sure that one of our knowledgeable members will be able to guide you.


          Do you wish to have 24hour customer service availability? Would your customer service be live?



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            Gabe Adventurer

            The answer depends on what kind of customer service you want to offer (chat, email, phone), your product, and your customer relationships.  Without that info it's hard to make much of a suggestion.


            What I can say is that you need to think of customer service as marketing.  It is incredibly important if you want your business to succeed.  Don't see it as a burden, see it as an opportunity to thrill customers, get feedback and grow your business.


            ZenDesk is a popular option, but it's really built for larger businesses.  For small businesses I recommend Help Scount (  It's a quick, simple, affordable, email-based help desk solution.


            Whatever you choose, take time and try it out before you commit to it.  If you rush it you could end up with a solution that doesn't meet your needs and loses you customers.  Giving good customer support is hard work, but it's incredibly important.  Hope this helps.

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                paulor Newbie

                In my opinion, Help Scout and Zendesk are both great tools, but thinking about it in terms of what a "large" or "small" business needs is an oversimplification.  You are the person that understands your own customer support options best and which features you may need.  If you look at these overviews of Help Scout and Zendesk, you will see that their approaches are very different.  Help Scout is probably the best email-based support tool out there, but Zendesk has close competitors in Freshdesk and -- these are all multi-channel support solutions that give you a lot of ways to interact with your customers.  If you want more information, you can get a personalized recommendation on the best customer support tool for your business at Software Report.