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    Everything you might be wondering about.....

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Cloud technology!  Now if I came up to you and said: Tell me what you know about cloud technology in 3 minutes.  Would 2.5 of those minutes be silence?  With the remaining 30 seconds, quiet muttering?  I'm afraid for many of us, this might be the case.


      But now we have a concise article written by Jennifer Shaheen: The Benefits of Having Your Head (and Data) in The Clouds which gives us a pretty good picture of what this cloud technology is all about.  Read it and see what you think.  Is this something your business would value?  Is this something you might choose to try out?  OR are you already using cloud technology?


      Let us know - are you a cloud user or not?  And then let us know why or why not.  Could be, if you will admit haven't investigated this much, simply because you didn't know the right questions to ask or where to ask them.  But now, with Jennifer's article in your pocket you should be able to make some decisions.  Good luck!