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    Oh my - Steve is sending us back to school!

    Moderator Cath Guide

      When I read the title of his latest article: Graduating From Small Business School in 3 Steps , I just shook my head.  How much more schooling do we need?  We have a great idea, a vision of enticing customers to catch our vision and help us follow that dream, we have worked real hard to convince family and friends that we have not lost it completely -- and then took the big step and began our business.  And now here comes Steve, talking about school.


      But if you will take a minute or two and read his article you will see how 'right-on' he is. Once again, he gives us a list - this time 3 steps to graduation from his business school.  And then 3 more steps and we will have taken those higher level courses.


      Now don't be dismayed, he lines it out for his readers.  We don't have to do everything all at one time.  But stop and read and internalize his great steps.  Why not give this a close read?  Who knows, we may discover there are a few things we need to tweak a bit.


      Let us know which step is the most difficult for you and your business.