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      I am a single mom of three I have started and accomplished numerous things since I started my business full force October 2012. during that time I not only lost my home due to a electric fire when homeowners didn't have insurance, we stayed with a neighbor and kept on. I also sub contracted a Independent Contractor to do a total renovation for the bank who destroyed a property we had been doing for the bank here in my town the same day I signed the lease and made all deposits for a 4 bed room home for me and my children.... I choose to not sue. I wanted my company to represent everything there was in and around properties and there land/acre. So that is what I did I have roofing siding painting flooring housekeeping landscaping you name it we got it! 2 million dollar insurance policy limited liability corp. us women chamber of commerce registered and working towards Small Business Women's Certification. my only problem I started with no capital went from 400.00 dollar jobs to 10000.00 dollar jobs and  in only 6 months.  well between all this I kept my head afloat but im sill sinking. I applied for a business loan but being a LLC and having all invoices sent to personal account avg. 10000.00-13000.00 running thru in march instead of my business account I could not receive 12,000.00 loan for capital and equipment. Im at the point now where my jobs are bigger I have no funds to pay for expenses and materials and im working twice as hard because I cant afford to sub out work playing catch up. cleaning out foreclosed homes you acquire a bunch of stuff... goodwill alone received $28,000.00 worth of tax receipts donations this does not include  the Samaritans and food banks around my area... I choose not to sell or keep when I probably should and could, I just
      couldn't sell what I got for free donations went to a school teacher and one family even received the entire makings of a home {necessary items} due to recent move from another state. I help yet to ask for help but I am at a breaking point and need advance.... what does a single mother of three running a property renovation company with work overloaded, amazing references, no capital gain but exceptional charity work/donations all the way around do??? I know there must be something out there, I have done an amazing thing and cant see it pall apart not yet..... my bills are due, i have more jobs pilling up, my help has almost left because i cant work them for them to be able to provide for there own families... any added advice would be great... THANKS
      Crystal Clean Renovations LLC
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          Hi Crystalclean, welcome to the community!


          I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your home. I am glad you were able to continue on however. Have you thought about setting up a business bank account? That may help you to be able to get the funding your need. Your generosity to Goodwill and families is wonderful. From time to time, we all need to ask for help. It just happens. I know it may be hard to sell some of the items you acquire during your work activities, but, it sounds like it would be in your best interest to sell some of them and use that cash to help keep you above water. You don't have to sell everything, just a few here and there. You can still give your donations to Goodwill or families that are in need. Just enough to keep you where you need to be both in your business and for your family.


          I wish you the best.