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    Google Print Ads

    mitchell0327 Newbie
      I've just started looking into Google Print Ads and I'm in the beginning stages of creating a campaign. I was wondering if anyone has used Google Print Ads and what their results have been. Not sure if I want to put time and effort into it for small gains. Thanks!!!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Welcome, 327


          Google Print Ads is a new
          extension of Google AdWords that makes it easy to run ads in newspapersacross the U.S. – whether you're buying space in one paper or a hundred.



          advertising is a powerful display format for announcing sales and
          promotions, branding, targeting regional audiences, and generating


          How does Google Print Ads work?


          process is simple: you select the newspapers, enter a bid for available
          ad space,
          and upload your ads. Remember, Google Print Ads isn't
          auction-based – instead,
          you suggest the price that works with your
          Publishers will review your bids and either approve, decline,
          or negotiate your offers.
          After your ads run, you'll see a copy of the
          newspaper page where your ad was published,
          and can safely pay for the
          placement. Do all this in one easy online interface.