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    Wise Words

    Moderator Cath Guide

      You have heard the old saying: "Everything old is new again."?  Yes, change - sigh.  And how we fight change!  Change interrupts our daily routine.  Change makes us re-look at what we have been doing and make choices.....whether to stay status quo or alter/remove/redesign our normal pattern of doing things.


      Jen Hickey wrote an article of interest to anyone being forced to contemplate change in their business: Weathering Change: How one small business has adapted with the times.  She interviewed Terry Wiederlight who had to undergo enormous change in his business over time.  As you read the article ponder:

      -has my business kept up with the times?

      -what part of my business could use some rethinking/new development?

      -what would it entail for me to make some possibly drastic changes?


      -am I willing to do this?


      Let us know how you are keeping up with the changing times in your business.  And how are you and your employees coping?



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          Jennifer Adventurer

          Well said. In today's business scenario, change is constant. Our competitive market compels us to change, otherwise, you can't grow.

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              Moderator Cath Guide

              So true, Jennifer but I always wonder why it is that many of us fight change so much?  Rather than going with the times: learning and growing - we close our eyes and turn our backs on change, until it is inevitable that we have to choose to remain status quo and perhaps decline or accept change and move forward. So often we have to accept the challenge of taking a risk.  And risk it is, but oh my the growth that results!