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    Why Do You Do What You Do?

    Michael Kristiansen Newbie

      It's a fair question to ask, there is only so much time in a life.  You could get zapped at any time, but odds are generally go you'll be around long enough to 'make your mark'.  When what we do to get by can be answered by why you do what you do, then you know you at least have a stated purpose.  Do most of us do what we do out of love or to get love?  The question might be answered as a bit of both giving and receiving.  It's pretty subjective I think.  Here's a question that begs for a deeper answer to what you want to do in this life, but when this question is asked, it's just as easy to think up something funny or silly or self deprecating.....

      If the sky was your desktop and you could choose one wallpaper to display to the world for a day, what would it be?

      It's an interesting question on how one desires to be perceived by everyone everywhere.  To find how others are answering this question, the question is posted on which is a popular opinion site.

      Internet marketing should always use strategies that match up with the business.  However, the business can be a simple social site that helps people express their opinions and ask questions and get a lot more feedback than what a typical business site ever sees.  Instead of one person or a staff of writers producing content in hopes of getting traffic, let people contribute and engage each other and they produce the content they care about and desire to keep coming back to see who wrote what back and what did they say.

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          Hi Michael,


          Welcome to the community! Please feel free to ask question or share your experience and knowledge with us on our discussion boards.


          You have posed very interesting questions to the community. I can't wait to see some of our members answers.  Your question is very subjective and depends on which aspect of the persons life you are asking about. Are you asking about their personal life, business life or school life? Yes, they are all tied together normally, but each person is a little different in each aspect of their life. They may not be as much of a risk taker in their business as they are in their personal life.