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    The Old CAN be Brand New Again

    Moderator Cath Guide

      In the article, 10 leadership lessons for Gen-Y Steve Tobak revisits some tried-yet-true leadership lessons he has gathered together.  As you read, I'm sure you will nod your head and tell yourself that you have heard that particular lesson already and hopefully learned from it.


      All 10 are good ones and if asked (and I wasn't) I would have a difficult time choosing the best few.  The listing of all of them is  a good read for us and maybe we need to reinsert them into our lives.  One that resonated with me was: "Always seek to broaden your experience".  Many years ago I had a young child and wanted nice clothing but funds were tight so I decided I would sew some clothes.  Of course I had not taken any lessons, so after a few faltering attempts my neighbor, who worked at a sewing factory, told me of a few openings there.  I applied and was hired and will admit that while it was not my favorite job - I learned to sew!  And to sew well!  The shortcuts that were taken were valuable and cut my sewing time way down and still does today.


      After reading this article, I'd be interested to know which of the lessons has been the most valuable to you and maybe even why?