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    Summer is  Coming!

    Moderator Cath Guide

      And with that, for many, comes vacation time.  This newest article by Steve Strauss, Revisiting Your Vacation Policy comes at just the right time.  In fact, just yesterday Moderator_Ilona asked how you dealt with your employee's vacation requests.


      Along comes Steve with some very helpful remarks and tips!  He reminds us that "we all need time to recharge our batteries".  And would you admit that your batteries were running a bit low?  He, first, wants us to know that we are to take some time off and goes on to share 4 suggestions.  Then he talks a bit about staff vacation needs.


      Timely article with some great information but it will not be of help to you IF you don't take a minute and read the article.  Then let us know about your successes with scheduling time away with your staff.  And with you, too.