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    Any ideas how to advertise a trucking company?

    angelilla Newbie
      Hi I have a small business in Arizona (trucking company) and I would like to expand in the west (AZ, CA, NV). Currently I am operating in Phoenix AZ under 3 contracts, I can deliver freigth, mail, etc. The problem is I can not have semi-trucks sitting waiting for some one to call, I need to have a contract first, in order to get the truck. Any ideas or approaches.


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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Can you procure air ride trucks for hauling aircraft engines? if so...there may be some pick up business with Southern Pride.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Ideas how to advertise a trucking company. How many idea do you want??
            Tell us more about you and your business. Go to Members page and add a
            few words about your business. How long have you been in business??
            IDEAS. 1) Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??
            • 2) Do you have your name or the companies name painted on the side of the trucks??*
            • FREE ADVERTISING and everybody sees the trucks as they deliver.*
            • 3) Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE.*
            • 4) Have you identified your customers demands for your service??*
            • 5) Have you identified your market??, its size and location??*
            • 4 and 5 should be part of the Business Plan.*
            • 6) Lastly, Do you have a BUDGET for advertising and a Telemarketer to call on new clients.*
            This is just a start. Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              puzzleman Tracker
              Identify where you want to expand or need return trips from. Find businesses in those areas that could use your services. contact them and see if they use trucking companies. Explain to them why you are a better company to deal with. follow up. Follow up. Follow up.

              How about asking your current customers for leads? They would know who is looking for your services.

              It is not easy. I think sales is harder than doing the work.

              Put some info about you and your company in the profiles sections. It's free. You don't know who is on this website and might be able to use your services.

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                TheLoanRanger Newbie
                Here's a great way to expand while earning money instead of spending it on marketing;

                Get a national list of freight brokers and have them provide daily loads in your drop-off area. Have your drivers inquire about the shipper's/receiver's need for contract carriers (so you don't have to pay a broker for future loads). Have them leave a brochure about your company, or learn the name of the Shipping manager and mail them one. Follow up with a phone call. Pay your driver a bonus ($1,000 - $2,500) for each contract that results. Once you have a contract with a shipper, use the broker to get back to where the freight is.

                Apply at your local Main Post Office, and Walmart distributions centers. Make a buyout arrangement with a small company that has accounts.

                Keep your trucks well maintained. It's cheaper than major repairs and will lead to less service failures.
                Build/re-invest from profits, don't borrow money.

                Diversify by having your money earn money in other industries, such as high profit real estate.

                Good Luck, Luckiest
                David Scott SC