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    What is this Google+ We have been Hearing About?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      I'm sure everyone has at least heard about Google+ but do we really know what all it entails?  Jennifer Shaheen's latest article for the SBC: Google+’s Emerging Role in the Digital Marketing Landscape addresses Google+ and what it involves.  After reading her article I cannot wait to get in and begin browsing all the features it has.


      One thing to realize and one that some will not be crazy about is that you have to create your own Google+ account.  I love it when she tells us: "The move requiring forced registration has ruffled a few feathers but Google's in the enviable position of being Disneyland in a world otherwise populated with cut-rate theme parks.  To get on the best rides and have the most fun, you've got to pay the price of admission."


      So will you pay the price of admission and get on the Google+ ride?  Let us know why or why not.