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    Management - the art of making people become effective

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      Management is an art of making people become more effective. Management is based on four major principals. Some of the areas are concerning how to do proper planning, how to get things organized, how to direct the working group and how to continue monitoring to evaluate effectiveness.

      Workers can produce ten pieces in a day working for eight hours without a person to manage them. If a business organization involve a person to manage the workers and the workers still can make that ten pieces for a day, is there a benefit for the business organization of involving a manager? Perhaps if the workers are now able to produce 15 units per day, the manager’s involvement is valuable to the business organization.

      The same principal applies to service organizations, or retail outlets, or educational institutes or other places where work of human beings are involved. Is the working group able to perform better or produce more efficiently by the involvement of a manager? Can the workers sell more with the involvement of a manager? Can the teachers give the students knowledge more effectively with the involvement of a manager? This is the value a manager can add to the organization. The art of management is to make the working group work efficiently. 


      Planning: Good management begins with planning. Planning before prevents all the mistakes that can happen without planning. 

      Planning is important to succeed. If you happen to succeed without planning it is by chance but chances are that you will not be able to achieve the same results continuously. If you need to achieve success then planning is important.


      Understand what the working group is going to achieve. Listen to all instructions and things the working group has to achieve including the time frames. Pay attention to details. Analyze the best possible way to achieve this within the set targets and available resources. Analyze all resources needed and what components are available and what not. Have a good understanding of the capabilities, their strengths and also any weaknesses of individuals and all other resources.


      Look at all the possibilities and all probabilities that can take place in the process. Make plans and counter plans for all situations. Analyze previous situations where success achieved and failures too and make plans accordingly. Analyze different situations against plans and keep developing according to your best judgment.


      Organizing: Make a good preparation so that working group can go in to action. Organize so that right requirements will reach the working group at the right time. Prepare the working group to do their part. Prepare all working groups so that one will contribute to synchronize the timing of the work of the other group.


      Prepare the working group with required training. Provide them with motivation. Provide them with right equipment and enough running essentials, servicing and parts when needed. Order material taking in to consideration the lead times to arrive.


      Organize a supervision run to check all working group activity points and storage points that are needed to action the plan. Make this round before working group start action so that things and people are in place to start the action as planned. During this run check, all resources are in place, understands their part and use this moment to give all working group the last minute motivational boost to achieve success according to what has already planned.


      Direction: Action! Instruct working group to go in to action. Command the working group and the work plan is in front of them. All working group is by now aware of what they are doing and what other groups are also doing and their timings also. Working group should know when to start, what to do and to continue until it requires stopping again.


      The commands make each area of the working group to action. That is management. Under the command of the manager come the working group and the action plan. For a successful operation, the project must have the right number in each working group and the action plan will synchronize the work output. Now while the working group is on the action do the run through the working groups to keep the focus on the action plan, get the working group attention and occasionally motivate the group.


      Monitoring: Now the working group is in action, resources in place and the project is moving according to the action plan set earlier. While at it keep an eye on things to ensure that all are on the focus so that everything is moving according to the action plan. There will be times and situations that things may not go according to the action plan. The manager steps in to bring remedial and counter active solutions. This is called making adjustments to the action plan and monitoring the work in progress at all action points.


      Machine got stuck, worker got it, material did not arrive on time and funds did not come on time. The action plan also has stand by plans for each of those eventualities. The manager has to be always aware of every detail thing that happens around the action points and take appropriate remedial measures to bring the action back on track.


      Monitoring is the ongoing process of the action plan. When things are not working according to the action plan need arises to plan again to go into action again without bringing the process to a grinding halt. Reorganize the resources to make it work, reorient the worker groups, motivate the groups to keep the project focus alive, do the usual runs from point to point and continue to always monitor the effectiveness of the changes.


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