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    Need general ideas about how to find investors

    awprater Adventurer

      I am in need general ideas about how to find a short term business loan to finish manufacturing and build inventory for a company launch in June.  I am an officially licensee for an international sorority organization with over 1 million members worldwide.  They have been licensed me to create a lifestyle brand for their membership and I am to introduce and launch the line at their international convention in Washington, DC in June.   The organization has already confirmed 60,000 registered attendees and I have secured prime booth space to unveil the lifestyle brand.


      • Type of business - Exclusive, Licensed Vendor of Handbags and small leather goods and fashion accessories for international womens organization
      • Target market - Organization's membership (over 1 million members worldwide)
      • Bricks and Mortar or Online Only? -  We are an online company which also vends at the organization's regional, national  and international conventions.
      • What will make it stand out above the competition? - We are the only licensed vendor approved to design, manufacture, and sell custom designed handbags, small leather goods and fashion accessories, specifically branded for that organization,  While other vendors have been licensed to sell paraphernalia, our "lifestyle brand" is the only one of its type.
      • Have you done a business plan? - I have a business plan and marketing plan
      • What percentage are you investing?- I My personal investment is exhausted and and now at the phase of manufacturing and product fulfillment. 


      I hope this gives you a better idea of the business and business model.   I appreciate any suggestions and ideas you can provide for how to find or where to look for investors for this venture. 

      Thank you,