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    Do you have a technique for reaching VIP prospects?

    stuheinecke Adventurer

      I'm fascinated by this, and use my own cartoons as a technique for reaching CEOs.  I do this for my own business and for my clients -- we employ a few techniques for breaking through, either for top-down, 'Selling To VITO" type selling or to create strategic partnerships.  We tested this once for a world-renowned sales training network.  They targeted five Fortune 1000 CEOs, we sent our "BigBoard" contact pieces via courier and all five CEOs called back, agreed to meet and two bought starter programs on the post.  In other words, it produced a 100% response rate and an 8,000% ROI on a campaign that cost just $2500.  What I'm wondering is if anyone else uses a can't-miss technique for getting in touch with difficult-to-reach, VIP prospects.  Do you have experience with bringing their small business to the attention of a much larger one to form strategic alliances?  How can a small business grow through the use of these techniques to either sell to or gain access to a much larger company's sales channels?

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi stuheinecke,


          Thank you for sharing your CEO engagement success story.  A 100% response rate and an 8000% ROI is a fantastic return!


          As you stated, CEO' and VIP decision makers can be almost impossible to reach at many companies. Much like a prospective job applicant submitting a resume, small businesses must be able to stand out amongst the many proposals received just to reach a decision maker.  Small businesses must take advantage of the initial contact, as their may be only one opportunity.


          Great topic!  Can't wait to see our members answers and what they have found to be successful techniques in reaching out and connecting their small businesses with larger businesses.