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    Old Student Loan - Affecting New Business

    England Wayfarer

      OK! I went to school in 1995-1997 in San Diego, CA. I graduated in 1997 with a BA. I went on with life and actually forgot about my loan up until Jan.15th I was contacted by Windham Professionals out of Salem, NH who was trying to collect on my defaulted loan. I guess I failed to let the original lender SunTrust/Zion who sold it to EdFund and then it looks like Windham Professionals are the collection agency that EdFund sold it to between Apr. 2007-Jan. 2008. I was contacted on my cell phone by a representative from Windham. I'm kinda curious why did they wait so long to contact me even thought I don't live in that state anymore? They seemed to be really nice indicating that I can consolidate my loans and sent me the paperwork. My question is on my letter I rec'd from Windham there is a $9620.90 collection cost plus interest of $3052.19 which totals $62,599.41. I know your saying wow! Anyway, I would like to know if I consolidate the loan who gets the collection fees and if I can request that to be waived since I just found out about the loan on January 15th from CA. Although, I still have some schooling to complete my duel Masters this loan will have to be paid back. What shall I do and am I missing a link here are they in jurisdiction to try and collect from an old debt?