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    1st Call for Investors 150k up

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      Hello, RMB Industries is incorporated to make money from a patent[1] on the cuffing baton. It is a tactical baton that has a U-shaped end with an integrated handcuff that can be controlled by a locking mechanism on the handle. It is for use by security personal in the control of an uncooperative person. The unique design of the cuffing baton gives it distinct tactical advantages over competitive tactical batons. Please visit our website at for more information. \-----

      [1] US Patent No. 7,029,397. Richard Barwick (San Bernardino, CA). 4/18/2006. Nightstick with handcuff


      Abstract: A device useful as a nightstick includes a generally linear long member and an attached short member. The short member can be curved or otherwise disposed so as to define a slot with a single open end. The device includes a handcuff clasp for closing the open end and to thereby define an enclosed portion of the slot between the long member and the short member. The handcuff clasp is moveable between an open position and a closed position. A trigger is provided proximate to the attachment point between the long member and the short member. Power means are also provided for closing the slot by rapidly moving the handcuff clasp to the closed position.


      RMB Industries, Inc. is calling for investors. Please go to our website and review our business. Then if you would like hear more select the link "Investor Relations" and I will call you. Respectfully, -Bill Abel, President RMB Industries, Inc.