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    It can't be almost April 15th!

    Moderator Cath Guide

      And we all know what April 15th means - tax time.  Wonder how many smiles are on the faces of those reading this - definitely not mine.  Have you done your taxes yet?  Have you even gathered up the needed information to get them started?


      Steve Strauss' newest article: 5 Tips for Tax Season will not get your taxes done for you but after reading the article, perhaps you will take his 5 tips and put them into practice.  Probably no one will admit to enjoying tax preparation but if we take his key word: prepare into consideration, then tax prep will be smoother for us.


      So maybe this year our mantra of prepare will not be as valuable as we would like.  But by putting the tips into action, next April 15th should be much smoother.


      Remember: PREPARE.


      And thanks once again, Steve, for this timely article.