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    Renting space in a brand new cafe for cake decorating bus.

    JCT Adventurer

      my wife is renting space in a brand new desert cafe for her cake decorating business.  This is our first venture with our own business. We have had a little help from our family and some advice from people we know with businesses of their own. We are going to open a business checking and have insurance, and going to get the LLC and register the business all before opening in beginning of June.  We are going to get a business cell phone plan so customers can reach her directly with questions if she is not in cafe so cafe does not interfere or confuse potential customers with questions related to my wife's business.  My wife has a pretty good grasp on supplies she needs and how much they will cost.  We have established a steady rent that will be evaluated after 6 months based on sales.  Basically, any advice anyone has for a small start-up like our will be really appreciated.   The area is really void of this type of business and we are really excited to bring this to the area and feel like it can really work.