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    The Federal Minimum Wage

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Small business owners have long griped that increases in the minimum wage hurts their bottom line.

      President Obama wants to increase the minimum wage.

      Many small businesses are turning to technology to replace jobs in the fact of a wage increase.


      How are you all doing.

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          Hi Luckiest,


          I am not at all against a minimum wage increase. I believe an employ has to take a look at what kind of skill they need and look at the employ they hired to fill that given position. Let's face it, how many people can support a family on minimum wage? Should a store clerk earn more than an apprentice to an architect? Absolutely not. Would I start both employees out at the same wage given the same experience level? Yes, I would. How quickly each one advances and earns a raise is up to each individual. Would I give the same amount of a raise in the same amount of time to each one? No. After all, one needs a college degree and the other does not. That in my book makes a world of a difference. Let us all remember, you don't bite the hand that feeds you.



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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Melinda, I agree with you. (I am from the old school)

              Today business owners are finding technology to replace workers.

              Touch screens  technology, tablet devices and more and better automated services.

              Owners will try new solutions.  They will replace workers with new

              and cheaper technology if it helps simplify operations and improve the bottom line.