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    Credit Card Machine Updates

    amspcs Ranger

      It has just been announced that, effective April 1, 2013, the GLOBAL front end network server (call your processor customer service to find out if  you are on this network)  Comm Server application that some of you use will be retiring. The ONLY terminals that will be affected are the Omni 3740, 3750 and certain Vx570 models. Merchants using these terminals will need to update their file build by completing a new download or they will be unable to process over IP after April 1st.  This has to do with security-related PCI issues. Please understand that having to do a new download into your terminal, inconvenient as that may sound, is far better than getting an 'end of life' notification and having to buy a new machine.  And therein lies the rub:  Some processors hear 'cha-CHING" when they receive these sort of notices, and use them as a sales tactic to scare merchants into buying new terminals they don't need.  So if  you have one of these terminals and your processor tells you you must buy a new one, that should tell you all you need to know about your processor. While on the subject, here's another scam you merchants out there would be wise to avoid.  When and if  you need to re-download your credit card device, make sure you are talking to your processor, not to a scam artist posing as your processor out to steal your money by downloading THEIR program into YOUR happens!  That means that YOU initiate the call to your tech support department,, and never respond to online links or anonymous phone calls.  And NEVER let someone you don't know who walks through your door anywhere near your credit card terminal until you are absolutely sure who he/she is and where they come from.