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    Back to school?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      I can hear the groans already.  What do you think about when you harken back to your school/college days (besides the social aspect)?  Exams?  lots of studying?  Sleepless nights?  Study groups?


      I am here today to point you to Steve Strauss' latest article: Continuing Education for Small Business Owners.  Read the paragraph (4 down) where he talks about the learning environment of rats.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I am not calling you a rat.  But the studies in rats about learning are valuable ones and ones we should take to heart.


      Do we ever stop learning?  I hope not.  The tern 'lifelong learning' should be a mantra of ours.  These busy days we probably don't have time to take a few months off and go back to college.  But there are plenty of new models that are available for us.


      Steve's article should be a nudge for us to register for that webinar or make arrangements to attend an online workshop -- or any of the other opportunities he shares with us.  Don't let yourself get so bogged down in your daily work that you forget to take time for a little more education.  You will benefit, your business will benefit AND your customers will benefit!