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    Any recommendations to make a website?

    kem3 Wayfarer

      I cant find a website that has nice design of websites to choose any idea ?

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          rossini web man Adventurer

          A web site can be free and you pick the design but also have to do all the work. I suggest you go with a professional company that can make you layouts to look at then complete the project in a reasonable time period.


          Hope this helps.


          Joe Rossini

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            Moderator Berta Guide

            Hi kem3, welcome to the community.


            There are some that offer free web site design where you do all the work yourself, like WordPress. Or you can pay someone to design your website. Those fees vary widely from what I have seen & heard.


            Can anyone in the community help with suggestions or ideas for kem3?



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              alexjones Newbie

              hey kem3,


              Whenever you want to create a website, the very first thing which one should clarify is what is the purpose?

              Why do you wanna have a website? A website is build for many purposes, which are but is not limited to:

              1. Blogging
              2. Marketing
              3. Brand representation
              4. e-business like Facebook, Google, Amazon and others etc.

              What is your end goal. What is that you wanna accomplish with a website. e.g.

              Lets say If you want to create a blogging website where you gonna publish lots of fresh content very frequently, then you have to create a dynamic website. If blogging is your end goal, then your main focus should be on content creation and not on web designing and for this you have to take help of content management system.

              According to my knowledge, WordPress is just an amazing CMS out there & there are thousands of themes both free and paid to choose. Wordpress is just great, you can learn working on wordpress here

              There are other content management systems which are just as great as wordpress such as Drupal, Joomla etc. If you want to design a website for brand representation, then you can use web editor like Adobe Dreamweaver, notepad++ etc.

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                Hemanth Kumar Newbie

                Hi Kem3


                My company does Website design , host and maintenance, Whether you want it for personal purpose or business purpose we can help design as per your need. We have great services in the web technology world.


                If you are interested email me :




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                  MarketUS Adventurer

                  With the advent of open source cms systems, this has become easier.


                  We use Wordpress as our company website.  The main problem...  is that it becomes addicting.  Once you get it looking like you want, you immediately start looking into other ways to make it nicer.


                  Wordpress has thousands of plugins that further expand the core functionality.


                  Check ours out at

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                    attard Adventurer

                    As Alexjones said above, you need to decide on your focus before you choose a design.  You should be considering not only what type of site it will be (ie, blogging, ecommerce, etc.) but what industry you're in, what the visitors to your site will expect to see, and how you expect to monetize the site.


                    Keep in mind that people will be looking at your site on screens with a wide variety of sizes - anything from a 24-inch wide desktop screen to a 14-inch laptop, a 10-inch Ipad or a 3-inch or so smart phone.  (You probably need some kind of plugin or separate mobile site to be easy to read on smartphones). So, no matter what your focus, you won't want to clutter up the top with too much graphics - people with laptops or tablet computers won't see the actual content.


                    Here's a list of tips that will help you design your website with a focus on your site visitors / customers as well as your income model: Top 10 Tips for Building a Profitable Web Site

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                      Moderator Berta Guide

                      Lots of great information here. Thanks for sharing everyone! Keep it coming.



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                        jrmccormick Adventurer

                        Hello kem3!


                        We are a website development & marketing company that specializes in small business websites.  I would be happy to talk with you regarding a website for you.


                        We strive to provide a site that is affordable, customized and of the highest quality.


                        Look forward to hearing from you!

                        Joan McCormick

                        ISADEX Corp.  (


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                          gcoxusa Newbie

                          The original question is way too vague.  It’s like asking, I need a new a computer, any ideas?  Kem3 should put a little more effort into the question - like explaining what the website is for, do you have a budget, do you have a domain name?

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                            softwaredev0 Adventurer

                            Where are you finding the designs? You have to make sure that about the products you are selling (purpose of your website) and based on that you can find themes for your website.


                            Also if you have any idea about the designs like you have any specifications that you want to have in your website then you can share the same  with designer who would be able to do custom design for your website.


                            It will be great if you post more details on your requirement. This will help people to help you.

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                              koln123 Tracker

                              If you can indicate how much you want to do yourself, approx what the budget is and what it is for, the more the answers will help you.   In general, Wordpress is the way to go.   There are quite a few designs to choose from, it is fairly easy and you can do a lot of it yourself.  Another major advantage to Wordpress is that it is easy enough to learn, which will motivate you to learn related skills while you are learning the basics.  You can then pick up easy add ons known as "plugins" which are usually free and are extra features.  You will then almost automatically pick up a bit of optimization skills and social marketing skills.  It is the way to go. SBLD

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                                shouchin Wayfarer

                                Good Luck Ken3 -

                                You are wise to investigate, too many sites are started then redesigned numerous times.

                                There are many sites that I have worked with in the past that have strong templates that are self service.

                                I recommend

                                If you have an ecommerce site, let me be a tad self promoting and invite you to look into our software.  We provide live chat with a twist, a synchronized viewer that allows visitor and business owner to collaborate in a shared viewing area.

                                Check us out at

                                LetsSyncro Simulator

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                                  mchught Newbie

                                  Homestaed (or Intuit)  is an online company that will allow you to build your own website or you can employ them to design a website for you and teach you how to make adjustment as your needs change. Once you have a website you need a host web server. They also do that on a monthly or yearly basis depending what your needs are.  It is all very reasonable and I would recommend them.



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                                    esaltarelli Adventurer

                                    I suggest you think of what your website ultimately means to you and your business.  People shift off of websites that are not appealing, look too cookie cutter, are poorly designed or do not have relevant content.  The cost of having your website deisgned and maintained by a professional is not as expensive as you might think.  I recomend Tonya Homan at Juice Marketing and Design ( and Patricia Nemeth at Kexworks, ( both who have done excellent work in designing and maintaining a strong presence for thier clients.

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                                      bansod Adventurer

                                      If you are just looking to do a simple website I found GoDaddy to be good (used it for my own website). It's not expensive for the SiteBuilder option (you get it free when you pay for hosting, right now it looks like they have a sale at $1/month, but that probably is good for only 1 year, then it might go to regular price around $5/month) which allows you to use various templates they have or semi-customize to what you want. It does restrict you to just 5 pages and 1 e-mail at the basic level, you can pay to go up to more flexibility. There might be cheaper options out there, but I thought GoDaddy had the right balance between cost & ease of setting up, plus pretty good support. (PS, I'm not a spokesman for GoDaddy, just my own experience).

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                                        PapaGator Adventurer

                                        I am using and have not had a lot of luck, but they will work with owners to get it like they want it. I am paying $100. Is it worth it. I will see as time passes.

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                                          Hi Kem3,


                                          You have many options mentioned by our members. They gave great ideas and I am wondering which direction you decided to take. How is it working out for you? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.



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                                              nadine7 Newbie



                                              It was shared by me that who ever one uses, make sure that they have "support"  I went very inexepensive, out of necessity and am now  a total DIYer.  Whew!   Suggestion was GoDaddy, which I do not know a thing about and WordPress,  again, don't know them,  I got my google on for mine, and they are as new as I am.  It is how it goes for me,  lest I lose my sense of humor.  Lol

                                              Take care, and best to you!

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                                              gorato Adventurer

                                              Customers are spending more time in the mobile and tablets buying products and services. I would suggest building your website that is compatible with mobile device and tablets.


                                              The new trend is build a website and same website would also act like a App. One development cost will give you a website and a mobile App that is compatible with iphone and andriod devices.


                                              This is also important as it will help build your brand image. As customers are going back and forth between App and website, when they see the same look and feel, it builds your brand image.


                                              Building a App would build one on one relationship with your customer and your company. You can always market directly via a App to your customer about new products or promotions. 


                                              Like all business hosts a website, there is trend that your business needs Mobile Apps. Development of Apps are not expensive and time consuming. Please contact me or email me to talk about how building a App is a win win situation for you and your client.


                                              As per " Only 20 percent of American consumers’ time on mobile devices is spent on the web. A massive majority, 80 percent, is spent in apps: games, news, productivity, utility, and social networking apps"


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                                                HalfPriceSoft Adventurer

                                                Please also make sure your site is Search Engine friendly. For example, site name, page name, title and so on.


                                                For example, if you sell shirt online, you should use page name like "polo-shirt.html", "man-shirt.html" than "product1.html", "product2.html".