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    How to grow Cleaning business

    unitedcleaning Wayfarer

      I have a cleaning company and for a wile we've been working with one big company like sub-contractors.

      Now I want to expand and make good successful company!!!

      ANY IDEAS????

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          Manuel Ramirez Adventurer

          Cleaning businesses are one of the most popular businesses for entrepreneurs in the present era. Even in a sluggish economy, every people and businesses need help keeping their homes and offices clean to maintain hygienic. Referrals work great from existing customers as well cultivating business relationships with other like-minded entrepreneur. You can go for online advertising for various coupons and offers on social networking sites as well classified posting and updating local listing with this updates.

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            Hi Nikola,


            Welcome to the forum!


            If you are looking to get into the private area I would suggest placing ads. You could either use your present advertising (if you already have one) and just highlight private cleaning or come up with a separate one altogether. You may also look through the classifieds to see if anyone is specifically looking for this type of service and inquired. It is a wise idea to start (if you already don't have one) a reference sheet. Most people ask for one when considering a cleaning service. Good luck!