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    4 Tips To Keep Your Business Secure

    ghoyt Adventurer

      Security is a huge factor when it comes to the success of your business. You have to be confident that the locale and its contents are completely safe throughout the work day and afterwards. Without the proper security system, your employees, equipment, supplies, inventory and even the building are at risk. Protect your hard work by taking security steps now.

      1. Invest in a monitored security system

        Such a system will make sure that the right help gets to your business in the case of an unexpected event. This means that burglars are often stopped in their tracks when they hear a voice via a 2-way communicator. It also means that if fire breaks out, the fire department is alerted quickly, and can get there faster to minimize your losses.
      2. Set up video monitoring

        Video monitoring lets you see what is going on in your business all the time, whether you are there or not. Even if you are at work, you can see other areas of the business and keep your finger on the pulse of things. You will notice increased employee productivity and less inventory loss. You can also tie video recording to activity sensors you place on areas of concern, like the office safe, cash registers, loading dock and more. With video monitoring, you can even track customer flow
      3. Automation heightens security

        Automation is about putting your business on a system whereby the security system can be armed from anywhere and doors can even be locked from a distance. By accessing your security system via any Internet enabled computer or a smartphone app, you can see if your system has been set and if all doors locked. If not, you can take care of it. What’s more is through the use of unique codes for each employee, you can see who is coming and going, and not taking the proper security precautions.
      4. Use signage

        Let everyone know that your business is secured with the help of a reliable security system provider. Studies prove that even just signage about your security system will help to decrease your risk of being the victim of crime. Criminals give it some extra thought before stealing from a business that has a security system because they know their chances of being caught are much higher.

      All these features can be included with a quality security package for your business. Secure your business today and watch your profits rise.


      This piece was written by Gerad Hoyt, a specialist with Safe Choice Security, a Jacksonville based Home and Business Security Company.

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