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    Was hoping to speak with someone to offer our service to this community who can I speak with about this?

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      Flashissue is an online publishing tool that can help anyone effortlessly find fresh content and create newsletters in minutes.

      Designed to eliminate the complexities of newsletter marketing, Flashissue:


      Can get you publishing stunning newsletters in 10 minutes—90 percent quicker than normal.

      Puts content front and center—offering a simple system to discover industry-related articles.

      Requires just a few steps—streamlining the entire process to get you engaging customers fast.


      Taking the worry out of writing, Flashissue can help you locate relevant content, whether it’s your own blog posts, other publications’ articles, or a combination of both. And with Flashissue’s browser plugin, you can save interesting stories you read now for newsletters you publish later.

      Flashissue also removes technology obstacles. A few clicks is all it takes to publish newsletters on your blog, broadcast on social media sites, and share with email contacts on services such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. You can also use your Gmail address book.

      Boosting sales leads and spreading the word has never been faster.

      1. Fetch. Drag. Drop. Publish. Done. It’s that simple.