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    Corporate Credit

    calvinwinston Newbie

      Can anyone help me with the tools needed to establish corporate credit?

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          koln123 Tracker

          Establish at least 5 - 7 good business to business trade references.  Have all the contact info ready, along with any financials, historical information and company profile information.   Contact Dun & Bradstreet, Experian business credit report, and possibly Paynet. Tell them you want to set up a business credit file.  Understand they will ask you for money.  Business credit is wholly different than personal credit.  There has not been a good way to avoid this.  They will call your references and set up the account.  You may develop a credit file organically without doing this, but it will take at least a few months, and likely much longer.  If you hire a company to do this, you will be paying anyway.   If you can wait a few years to let the file grow on it's own, that could work.  What makes this approach difficult is that once you look at the file and realize it needs updating, D & B, and possibly the others will be asking you to pay anyway in order to update the file.   It may sound wrong to pay to have a file.  It's more of a case of the system being set up differently for this.  SBLD

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            Hi Calvinwinston,


            Welcome to the forum. Could you please tell us a little bit more about yourself so that we may be more helpful. What kind of business you have? How long you have been in business? What exactly are you looking to accomplish with this business credit?