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    Are you ready for spring?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Wow, I'll bet that many of you all are shaking your heads 'yes' right now.  And with the spring season we start hearing about spring cleaning.  I'm not sure about you all but spring cleaning does not bring a feeling of great joy to me.  When I think about spring cleaning I just want to put my head under the covers and hope that by some miracle, someone will come along and do it for me.  Steve Strauss to the rescue!  Now don't get too excited, he is not coming to your business to do your spring cleaning but his newest article 5 Ways to ‘Spring Clean’ Your Small Business will offer some time-tested tips to get you on your way.  Hopefully his nudges (tips) will get you started on your spring cleaning and you and your business, not to mention - your employees and customers will all benefit from the article.


      His first tip: 'spruce up the place' caught my attention and made me stop and think.  He says he is not suggesting this sprucing up for cleanliness sake but for the good of your business.  I'm sure you have heard people complain about going in their favorite store and finding things out of place?  This is done for a reason - after a while we begin to walk past displays and not even see them, they just become part of the landscape of the store, right?  Spruce up - move things around -- this will get the cobwebs of our mind cleaned out and we will begin to actually see the displays once again.


      After you read his article, think about his tips.  Are their some you will consider in your spring cleaning this year?  Let us know which ones.