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    Randy Adventurer

      I have an idea for a business but I'm not sure if it is enough revenue to form a sole proprietorship.

      After seeing the little bit of extra accounting that would be required, and only $30 more in account fees,

      it might be worth it to pay the one time fee of $60 at the county clerk's office to secure a name for a

      yearly revenue of $2,000. Any thoughts ? I feel like if I don't, I might be missing out on an exciting

      opportunity that does not take much time to manage. Thank you.








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          Randy Adventurer

          Here is my Executive Summery, so far.




                                                                  Executive Summery


          This plan was created for the investment company 'Resilient Asset Management' that buys other

          companies and investments, and creates investment products to raise capital.  Resilient may sell

          hard assets or facilitate the sale of other assets for a fee. We have very little office equipment

          to maintain so overhead is low. The business model holds short-term or long-term assets and

          waits for them to appreciate.


                      The Resilient team:








          1. Purchase, improve and resell assets.

          2. Purchase, transport and resell lumber.






          Secure the name at the county clerk's office.

          Register on-line with the state.

          Exchange tax ID numbers with the other parties involved.

          Print and exchange ST-3 form

          Collect a fee for transportation of goods and products.

          Move lumber and deliver creates

          Leverage the balance sheet cash to invest in proprietary assets.

          Use credit and the time cash is in the checking account wisely.






          1. Move lumber from Home Depot to the wood shop to be cut.

          2. Transport the finished shipping creates from the wood shop to location of the machine shop.

          3. Deliver some tools sold on-line.

          4. Purchase a high quality ETF with a low expense ratio.