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    Global currency?

    leusajones1984 Wayfarer

      Global it worth time trying to start your own global denomination of cash?

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          Moderator Jim Ranger

          Would gold be considered a global currency?



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            koln123 Tracker

            This question / post seems similar to another one relating to a global currency.  It's good when one is interested in a huge challenge, though accomplishing this would seem to be a massive undertaking.  Gold, as mentioned, certainly is a global currency of cash, though no one can claim it in the fashion that a country officially uses their own denomination of currency.  The poster seems to desire a control, or right of the currency.  A currency of cash is only global if other countries recognize the currency or cash and accept it.  Thus far, this has been exclusive to countries or unions, not companies.   I am not aware of, or recalling any exceptions at this time.  Many banks would have to accept it, entities such as most stock markets would have to work with it.   There are many more challenges, likely too many to thoughtfully consider here.  SBLD