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    What are your Mobility management tips ?

    Infoway LLC Adventurer

      Now, since your customers and employees are becoming mobile savvy, it is quite clear that you must develop a compatibility with your business processes. What should be the mobility management tasks taken up by you as a enterpriser ?

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          Hi Infoway,


          Great question. I believe the most important issue that may hinder your business if your not careful is the mobile applications itself. I can not tell you how many times, I myself included, have tried to use mobile applications that simply do not work. As a consumer this becomes frustrating. Since this is still a relatively new and growing stage in technology, many kinks still exist. As a company I believe that the most important thing is to try the applications out before you advertise. Otherwise, you may loose future clients because of a glitch that could have been avoided if caught in time.



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              kochartech Newbie

              KocharTech offers Managed Services solutions in the field of enterprise mobility. Our solutions enable enterprise customers to secure, manage and grow their dispersed workforce.

              Through our deep industry experience and a 360 degree view of “empowering workforce through mobility” – we help clients create successful businesses by maximizing ROI and minimizing mobility related risks.

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              chicagocio Scout

              I am not sure I know what you mean by mobility management.  When I think of that phrase I think of the process of tracking where cellphone are geographically so that service can be delivered to those phones.  But I suspect you mean something different??