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    Online Tea venture

    chalini Wayfarer

      I started my own online Tea Store, so got my web site (, twitter, Facebook done. Add the products to e-bay and amazon too. But so far the sales are very low. I have a very good product, in fact it the best Tea I have tasted and I am offering it at a very good price too. Everyone I have asked to test have given wonderful comments. But my online sales are very low.


      I would love to improve sales at minimum cost, any idea would be appreciated.

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Chalini, welcome to the community!


          Do you promote your online store on Twitter & Facebook several times a day? I have heard that if you put out several interesting tweets promoting your business each day, that it will drive business your way. And Facebook is a very busy place as well. Have you tried LinkedIn?


          How long have you been in business? Sometimes it just takes time to get your business growing and then before you know it you're so busy you wish for slower days.



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              chalini Wayfarer

              Hi Berta

              I do promote my store via facebook and twitter couple of times. I take my own images and post of FB and try to twit as well. I will look into LinkedIn  I have never used that as a marketing tool, i am planning of creating a you tube as well now as i believe lot of ppl use that.

              I have been in business about two months now. I started it very small with my husband to get extra income for us. I know to grow it, it will take time.  But I want to make sure i am not missing on any new marketing areas.

              Thanks for informing me about LinkedIn, I will now look into that.

              Thank You Chalini